Pacific Orthotic Laboratory offers a full line of accommodating orthotics each crafted with care and backed with uncompromising service. With maximum support and minimum cost our accomadating orthotics are superior for economy and functionality.

Accommodative Orthotics

Our Accommodative orthotics offer a wide range of choices. With three shell options for support and three density levels of arch fill for comfort. You can create the ideal accommodative orthotic.
Shell thicknesses: none (double layers of arch fill)
1/16″ polypropylene
1/8″ polypropylene
Arch fill available in soft, medium, and hard with no bottom cover or a choice of cork or HR EVA.

Soft Step

The Soft Step provides excellent fatigue protection for anyone who must be on their feet for long periods of time. Shell thickness: 1/16″ polypropylene
Soft arch fill, 1/16″ Poron extension and 1/16″
Spenco full length top cover included.


Our Diabetic orthotic provides protection against ulcer creating pressure with its unique multilayered design. Shell thickness: 1/16″
Soft fill, 1/16″ Poron cushion top cover, HR EVA bottom cover and leather top cover all standard.